Courses are open to all qualified persons, both government and non-government. FAES Academic Programs at NIH has an open-enrollment policy, provided that students meet any applicable prerequisites as indicated in the course descriptions.

Enrollment requirements differ based on the level of the course for which the student wishes to register. Undergraduate courses, in general, are open to persons who are at the minimum high school graduates, or equivalent, and who qualify for the course because of satisfactory work experience. For admission to more advanced courses, college coursework in the same or related field is specified or understood. For some courses, prerequisites may be required. For yearlong courses, registration for the second half of the year (i.e. spring semester) requires the completion of the course in the first semester or the permission of the instructor.

Students who do not have a clear financial record with FAES will not be permitted to register for future courses.

FAES does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, handicap, national or ethnic origin or veteran status in the administration of its educational programs, admissions policies, scholarship programs, and other educational policies.