BIOC 035
Imaging - From IF and FISH to Automated and Confocal Microscopy

This five-day online workshop will utilize a combination of lectures and remote Q&A lab sessions in a “boot camp”-like approach for cell-biologists who seek to learn imaging techniques used extensively in biomedical research. This workshop will first begin with training in immunofluorescence and cell transfection with an early introduction to automated imaging and widefield fluorescence microscopy. The workshop will then fully focus on the world of confocal microscopy, a powerful and popular extension of fluorescence microscopy, allowing 3-dimensional localization and dynamics of cellular components. Through interactive online lectures anAd labs participants will be introduced to the most commonly used confocal microscopy techniques in addition to extensive training in image analysis using Fiji. Participants will also have interactive remote sessions with highly qualified scientists from Leica, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss, where they will receive training in microscope basics and imaging techniques on each individual platform.



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