BIOF 018
Intermediate R Boot Camp

This workshop builds upon the principles of using R for data science by introducing intermediate concepts that will help learners advance their knowledge and use R for more complex tasks. These tasks include working with APIs and packages to access data on remote servers, iterating tasks over datasets, and writing custom functions.


Or adequate familiarity with R.

Learning Objectives:

  • Use the apply family to repeat functions over multiple data objects
  • Use if/else statements for conditional functions
  • Use case_when to vectorize multiple if/else statements
  • Use for loops to repeat functions
  • Understand how to use tidyverse “verbs” to wrangle data
  • Understand how and why to convert data from wide to long format
  • Summarize and transform data using tidyverse verbs
  • Understand when to create a custom function
  • Write custom functions to carry out complex tasks
  • Troubleshoot and debug functions



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