BIOF 020
Python for Beginners

In this introductory workshop, users will learn how to create, read, transform, and visualize data for scientific analysis. Learners will also gain skills in applying basic computer logic to scientific applications.


Basic computer skills, including where to quickly find specific directories and files.

Learning Objectives:

The workshop will guide learners through the following learning objectives:

  • Script creation and execution
  • Array creation
  • Two variable plotting (x-y line graphs)
  • Saving plots
  • Data transformation and manipulation
  • Loops
  • Reading data from a file
  • Logic statements
  • Saving data to a file
  • Handling missing data in files
  • Simple linear model (e.g. time series analysis)
  • Advanced visualizations: scatterplots, bar charts
  • Real world biological concepts such as a deeper exploration (e.g., COVID-19 data, population modeling)
  • A capstone where learners would visualize their own data or data the instructor would provide



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