BIOF 052
Artificial Intelligence in Your Lab

Artificial intelligence (AI) in biomedical research has grown exponentially in the past decade. AI can be used to uncover powerful new insights in data that your lab is already collecting. This workshop has two primary components. First, participants will engage in discussions that cover recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and how these developments can be used in biomedical research. Topics will include active learning, adversarial learning, Bayesian deep learning, reinforcement learning, semi-supervised learning, self-supervised learning, and transfer learning. These topics will be covered in an integrated manner: the discussions will explore how different facets of AI can interact with each other to generate high-quality results. Second, participants will work with the instructor to design and implement AI project(s). These projects will have direct relevance to the research being done by each participant. This workshop will have 1 day of discussion followed by 1 week of offline work where the participants communicate directly with the instructors about project development.



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