BIOF 339
Practical R

The goal of this course is to introduce biomedical research scientists to R as an analysis platform rather than a programming language. Throughout the course, emphasis will be placed on example-driven learning. Topics to be covered include: installation of R and R packages; command line R; R data types; loading data in R; manipulating data; exploring data through visualization; statistical tests; correcting for multiple comparisons; building models; and, generating publication-quality graphics. No prior programming experience is required. INDIVIDUAL LAPTOP IS NEEDED FOR EACH CLASS.

Learning Objectives:

  • Run R GUI and make use of command line features, including command history and help pages
  • Find and make use of the extensive libraries (R add-ons) available for analyzing biological and other forms of data
  • Load, manipulate, and combine data to make it amenable to further analyses
  • Visualize data with extensive graphics capabilities of R (including ggplot)
  • Use appropriate statistical tests on data within R that will conform to standards expected in scientific journals



Class Type

Graduate Course