STAT 430
Advanced SAS

The course will cover advanced SAS coding concepts such as the use of SAS Macro, SAS SQL, as well as a combination of both. The course will also introduce students to SAS STAT coding for common statistical tests (such as t-test, ANOVA, linear regression, and others). Students will have the opportunity to practice in class, using sample datasets. Homework and project assignments will be provided as well.


STAT 330 Introduction to SAS or equivalent at another college/university.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the principles of Macro variables and Macro functions
  • Become proficient with writing Macro coding for new programs and adding Macro coding to existing programs
  • Understand how to create tables using SAS SQL with a variety of conditions
  • Combine knowledge of STAT330 concepts with SAS SQL and SAS Macro to solve complex data issues
  • Use SAS STAT to perform statistical tests (t-test, ANOVA, correlation, linear regression, Chi-Squared, logistic regression)



Class Type

Graduate Course