STAT 510
Statistics for Healthcare Providers

This seminar course provides a non-mathematical review of statistical tests commonly encountered in medical research. Readings and class discussions will focus on understanding and interpreting the results from studies, as well as critiquing observational and experimental studies. The target audiences for this course are clinicians, fellows who are participating in journal club/literature review activities, and researchers who want to strengthen skills in interpreting statistical tests.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe observational and experimental study designs commonly encountered in biomedical research.
  • Discuss applications, strengths, and limitations of various statistical tests commonly seen in the medical literature.
  • Interpret point estimates in terms of magnitude, precision, and statistical significance.
  • Identify factors that influence sample size and discuss how these factors ultimately influence point estimates.
  • Evaluate and critique a study in terms of appropriate design, application of statistical methods, and interpretation of results.



Class Type

Graduate Course