BIOL 427
Advances and Applications in Developmental Biology

Advances and Applications in Developmental Biology will employ current and cutting-edge medical and research publications to explore the principles of developmental biology. Together we will discuss how these publications are rooted in lessons from developmental biology but apply those lessons at a high level to medically relevant research. Each week we will include a lesson on the historical context and advances in developmental biology that have led us to the current point. We will then discuss the significance of current research, its place in the field, and what contributions it makes to developmental biology as well as medical science as a whole.


Learning Objectives:

  • Connect concepts in papers with classical developmental biology principles.
  • Evaluate hypotheses and experimental design of research groups based on principles of developmental biology
  • Analyze choice of model organism/system for the goal of each study
  • Debate the implications of the study for advancement of health science research
  • Design alternative or entirely novel experiments/studies to test ideas



Class Type

Graduate Course