GENE 511
Genetic Counseling: Professional Topics Seminar Part II

The objective of this course is to address the psychological, clinical, social, and ethical issues in genetic counseling (GC). This class offers a dynamic forum for discussion, focusing on genetics counseling research, policy and education, and their impact on clinical practice. A diverse group of professionals present topics well suited for class discussions. Student-led case presentations and discussions highlight pertinent psychological, social, and ethical issues in genetic counseling. Clients who have had personal experiences with a genetic condition or risk expose students to a variety of attitudes, reactions, and experiences. Students enrolled in related graduate programs are encouraged to enroll to maximize the opportunity for exchange among disciplines. This course presents an opportunity to college graduates interested in genetic counseling to learn about the theoretical and practical aspects of the profession.

This is the second part of a two-part course. The completion of the first part (prerequisite) is required before taking the second part. Registration is required separately for each part of the course.

This is a required course for graduate students enrolled in the JHU/NHGRI Genetic Counseling Training Program. Tuition: $500 per credit.


The above course(s) or permission from the instructor.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participate in dynamic discussions of provocative issues in the field of GC, with faculty input
  • Facilitate appreciation for pursuing GC as a profession both for professional and pertinent issues in clinical work
  • Foster ideas and model projects in GC research
  • Learn directly from clients about their personal experiences with genetic conditions
  • Promote interaction among graduate students to facilitate mentoring, strategizing, and camaraderie



Class Type

Graduate Course