MEDI 067
Evidence-Based Medicine

Evidence-Based Medicine provides tools that enable physicians and other healthcare providers to navigate complex clinical scenarios and deliver patient-centric care. This approach requires providers to be familiar with biomedical study designs, statistical tools, and frameworks for translating research into practice. It also encourages providers to be continuously alert for “clinical questions” that can be addressed using existing knowledge and for “knowledge gaps” that should be addressed through research.

Learning Objectives:

This workshop will enable participants to:

  • Discuss the “hierarchy of evidence” in biomedical research and the applications of specific observational and experimental study types in medicine and public health.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of study designs commonly encountered in medicine and public health practice.
  • Interpret results from statistical tests and analyses commonly observed in observational and experimental studies.
  • Apply PICO, Spider, and other frameworks to develop a clinical or research question.
  • Conduct a literature search to answer a clinically oriented question or to support a research proposal that addresses a knowledge gap.