MEDI 275
Fundamental Principles of Histology

This course examines the morphology of different cell types and their arrangement within tissues using both light microscopy and electron microscopy images. The course will begin with a detailed overview of the basic tissues: epithelial; connective; muscle; and, nervous tissues. The four basic tissues will then be applied to organ systems, and a discussion of some clinical pathologies will follow. The course will also cover cell functions within the different tissues as well as tissue preparations and types of stains to highlight different characteristics of tissue.


Knowledge of biology and/or cell biology.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define and describe histological characteristics of different cell types
  • Identify different tissue types and organization within organs
  • Understand functions of cell types within the tissue
  • Gain general knowledge of tissue preparation and commonly used staining techniques
  • Understand how the different cell types and basic tissues come together to function as a whole organ



Class Type

Graduate Course