MEDI 318
Human Physiology II

In this two-semester sequential course, students will be provided with an in-depth study of the physiology of human body systems. Topics studied in the spring semester are: respiratory; renal; gastrointestinal; endocrine; and, reproductive physiology. The course sequence is intended as a bridge to advanced studies in pathophysiology and medicine.


general biology; BIOL 101 or equivalent; MEDI 317 Human Physiology I or equivalent.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand structure-function relationships of the systems of the human body
  • Identify the structural and functional levels of organization from cellular to organ system levels
  • Describe how the body adapts to different everyday situations and environmental stresses
  • Explain the principle of homeostasis and feedback-control mechanisms as they relate to the body systems
  • Develop active learning styles through problem solving in physiology
  • Apply knowledge of functional mechanisms and their regulation to explain the pathophysiology underlying common disorders
  • Communicate physiologic concepts to a variety of audiences



Class Type

Graduate Course