Bioinformatics Endeavor Badge (5-6 credits)

Professionals interested in expanding their knowledge of bioinformatics while honing their skills in programming, data science, statistics, and mathematics can accomplish their learning goals as they pursue the Bioinformatics Endeavor Badge. Students who are new to programming can begin with BIOF 309, Introduction to Python or BIOF 501, Introduction to R: Step-by-Step Guide, or introductory programming workshops, such as For True BeginRs Hands-on R TrainingR Basics Bootcamp or Python for Beginners.  

Upon completion of the following badge requirements, students will be issued the Bioinformatics Endeavor digital badge for use on their resume, online portfolio, website, and social media pages.

  • 5-6 credits from 100-500 level FAES courses in different areas of bioinformatics and data science: bioinformatics and data science (BIOF), statistics (STAT), or mathematics (MATH), or 4 credits of BIOF, MATH, or STAT courses combined with one qualifying workshop.
  • For all qualifying courses, students must earn a letter grade of C or above or a “pass” if the course is pass/fail. Audited courses do not qualify toward the digital badge.
  • Courses and workshops completed since January 2021 can be counted toward the digital badge.
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