Textbook List and How to Purchase

Summer 2024

The following textbooks will be used in FAES courses during the upcoming term. Please note that tuition does not include textbooks.

  • Purchase Online | To purchase the textbook from the FAES Bookstore online, please use the following link https://www.shopfaes.com/textbooks.
    • Holders of a valid sales tax-exemption certificate, please use this link https://faestextbooks.squarespace.com to make a qualified sales tax-exempt textbook purchase. FAES reserves the right to require proof of a valid certificate on all purchases requesting sales tax-exemption.
  • Purchase In-person | We also encourage students to visit the FAES Bookstore, located near the Masur Auditorium in Building 10 at the National Institutes of Health, to purchase textbooks.

Note: Please note that there may be an ebook version available through other resources.

Course # Author Requirement Level Title and Edition ISBN Note
IMMU 403 Peter Parham Textbook Optional The Immune system, 5th edition 9780393533354  
MEDI 339 Robert Weinberg Textbook Recommended The Biology of Cancer, 3rd Edition 9780393887655  
ENGL 215 Keith S. Folse  Textbook Required  Great Writing 3 with the Spark platform, 5th Edition  9798214333083                                        
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