Requesting Funds for Education and Training

Some labs and institutes may have specific funds set aside for trainees to continue their education and professional development. This guide is intended to help trainees request funds that may be available and, if they are available, request use of the training funds for continued professional development. Below, are notes on writing a letter to request funds to use for FAES courses and workshops for professional development. In addition, there are some templates that may be used to get started. FAES provides these templates for informational purposes only. FAES shall not be responsible and in no way guarantees the use of any information presented here or the use of any sample templates will result in funding.

What information is needed to write a justification/request letter?

Specific information about the course or workshop of interest, including the description of the program, the time commitment, the price, and the date(s).

  • For FAES courses, expect to spend up to 5-6 hours per week, per credit (10-12 hours for a 2- credit course) on the course work. This number will vary based on your experience level and the course. 
  • FAES workshops require a live time commitment, listed on the registration site, and may also require some work outside of the live sessions. Ensure the live time commitment is noted as time away from your regularly scheduled work duties.

What should be considered when writing a justification/request letter?

Training funds are typically used to train employees to gain new skills and increase performance within their current positions. When requesting money for professional development, be sure to convey not only the individual benefits, but what the return-on-investment of this training will be to the employer.

  • What skills will be gained in this training?
  • How will these skills be utilized in the immediate future for current projects?
  • How will attendance at this training benefit the lab or employer?


Sample Letters

Sample Justification Letter: Workshops

Sample Justification Letter: Courses (Online courses with no required live sessions)

Sample Justification Letter: Language and other courses with live sessions




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