Course Withdrawal Policy

Course Withdrawal Policy

Drop Policy

Students may drop courses through self-service by logging into the Student Portal until the 2nd week of the term.

Alternatively, the intent to drop a course at the FAES Academic Programs must be made in writing to the Academic Programs at Reporting a course withdrawal to the instructor is not considered official.

The dropped course will not appear on students' academic transcript.

Sponsored Students

Students whose courses will be paid for by their employers need to coordinate in advance with their Administrative Officers or HR departments to determine whether they are liable to pay the prorated portion of the tuition in cases when they wish to drop a course.

Students who are recipients of an FAES scholarship will have the prorated tuition withheld when refunds are to be paid due to dropping a course.

Involuntary Withdrawals

Students are allowed to drop a course involuntarily for the following reasons:

  • Illness of student or immediate family member (child, parent, spouse, or member of household)

  • Death of student or immediate family member (see above)

  • Called to active military duty via enlistment, activation, or deployment (Note: Fees are non-refundable.)

In all cases, appropriate written documents of substantiation must accompany the request for withdrawal. Examples include: physician’s note specifying the dates of treatment and that the illness made it impossible for student to continue enrollment in classes; notice, newspaper article, or funeral program; copies of military orders signed by an appropriate official, etc.