Enrollment Options

Enrollment Options


One credit corresponds to 15 standard classroom hours. A standard classroom hour is defined as 50 minutes of instruction time and 10 minutes break. Students registered for credit must complete all coursework as required by the instructor.


An auditor must pay the same tuition fee and meet the same prerequisites as a credit student. S/he receives full privileges of class participation, if s/he chooses to exercise them. An auditor does not receive a grade or credit; s/he receives a grade of “AUD.”

Enrollment Status Changes

Students may request status change from credit to audit, or vice versa, provided the request is submitted in writing to the FAES Academic Programs at registrar@faes.org and in accordance with the published timeline. Reporting a credit- audit change to the instructor does not constitute an official change. Students who have been sponsored by their home institutions or employers to take FAES courses must submit written approval from their Administrative Officers when requesting a change from credit to audit.