FAES Bookstore @ NIH

The FAES Bookstore @ NIH has been providing medical and science textbook services to NIH for over 60 years. Our physical location, just steps away from Masur Auditorium and the FAES classrooms, is ideally located to support the specialized book needs of FAES Academic Programs and the NIH scientific community.

FAES Gifts Shops now offer two additional locations in the Clinical Center, and has afforded us the opportunity to expand our products and services significantly. We have brought in a diverse assortment of products, including clothing, gifts, greeting cards, and supplies to further fulfill our organization’s mission of providing valuable services to NIH.

In addition to textbooks, we offer:

  • Bestselling Fiction and Non-Fiction books, including popular scientific and medical titles
  • A dynamic assortment of NIH emblematic clothing and merchandise to celebrate and honor the NIH community
  • A diverse and unique selection of children’s books and toys
  • Convenience products and sundries to meet the everyday needs of NIH staff and visitors

Our locations are open Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm. We are also here to assist you online at www.shopfaes.com, and over the phone at (301) 496-5272.