IMMU 024
Flow Cytometry Data Analysis and Visualization

This workshop provides practical approaches for the understating flow cytometry data, its analysis, Flow Cytometry Standard (FCS) format, and to produce visualizations for presentation and/or publication. During this two-day workshop, students are introduced to data management and quality control, processing of data with the package FlowJo, generate figures and statistical data for effective communication. This workshop is tailored to researchers with limited flow cytometry experience, researchers doing less that 10-parameter cytometry, and experience researchers interested in becoming familiar with functional assay data, cytometry data model, and other areas of cytometry. At the end of the course, you will be able to import flow cytometry data, evaluate the quality of the data, extract statistics, and produce clear figures. Participants would learn to use FlowJo with practical examples.


Familiarity with the basic principles of flow cytometry.

Learning Objectives:

  • Import data to FlowJo and evaluate its quality
  • Compensation Identify examples of good and bad data display
  • Extract statistics Produce clear figures
  • Analyze a simple immunostaining experiment
  • Analyze a Cell Cycle experiment Analyze a Functional assay experiment
  • Analyze a Cytometry Bead Assays experiment
  • Effective and ineffective data visualization