ENGL 207
English Conversation for Daily Life: Goals, Fears, and Humor

The goal of this course is to enable high intermediate learners of English to understand and speak English more accurately, confidently, and fluently. Each seven-week online course has asynchronous components through the Canvas web site (weekly assignments/due dates) and synchronous components (scheduled Zoom meetings.) The purpose of the weekly online meetings is to engage in interactive conversations and practice the skills that students develop during the week independently. The instructor will facilitate theme-based conversations among the students in a weekly Zoom session, which students prepare for through textbook and online exercises (Summit 2, 3rd Edition and MyEnglishLab web site). Weekly discussion boards will provide an opportunity to engage with peers, using the vocabulary and conversation strategies presented in each unit. This course is fast-paced and requires a significant time commitment and a self-motivated attitude. Students complete one unit each week, learning new vocabulary and idioms in the context of theme-based oral exercises, conversation models, pair-work activities, and listening texts. In addition, students learn strategies to improve accents, rhythm, intonation, and stress patterns. Students deliver oral presentations and share them with their classmates through the course web site and weekly meetings on Zoom.


Prerequisites No prerequisites are required. Students may take English 207 and 208 separately or combine both courses. However, students must begin the course with a basic conversational ability in English. The textbook, Summit 2, is designed for students at the B2-C1 level (Global Scale of English 70-82).

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate increased conversational skills by building vocabulary, improving pronunciation and applying grammar concepts.
  • Participate in interactive discussions with natural social language conversation models.
  • Describe social and professional situations encountered in everyday life.
  • Create short presentations on VoiceThread to share with the class.
  • Complete weekly writing assignments to demonstrate understanding of new vocabulary and language constructions.



Class Type

Graduate Course




Spring 2022


Session A