ENGL 209
Advanced Conversation: Using TED Talks to Discuss Innovative Ideas

The goal of this course is to enable advanced learners of English to understand and speak English more accurately, confidently and fluently. New vocabulary, idioms and expressions will be incorporated in TED Talks and articles about current innovative ideas. Students will complete self-paced textbook exercises and participate in guided conversation at weekly meetings. Students will practice listening for details and summarizing issues that require critical analysis and deep thinking. Interesting discussions and debates will be developed and facilitated. Students will give oral presentations on VoiceThread, participate in online discussion boards and submit weekly written assignments. Completion of Intermediate Conversation II or the permission of the instructor is required for this class.

Learning Objectives:

  • Increase active conversational skills to advanced level by improving vocabulary, grammar and accent
  • Increase authentic listening skills and presentation skills
  • Use language creatively by listening and speaking deeply about current topics
  • Build confidence by improving conversational skills



Class Type

Graduate Course