ENGL 356
Sharing Ideas About Language Culture and Medicine II

Researchers from all over the world use English as the common language to share their findings with colleagues and debate current issues. This course is designed for biomedical researchers and others at the NIH and beyond who are intermediate and advanced students of English and who wish to improve their listening and speaking skills in the scientific workplace and/or in other academic settings, such as at conferences or symposia. The course is designed so that students will have the opportunity to work toward their individual goals, which they will communicate to the instructor at the beginning of the course.


The above course(s), upper-intermediate to advanced level of proficiency in English, or permission from the instructor.

Learning Objectives:

  • Improve English-language conversational skills by speaking clearly and concisely, and finding new ways to express ideas
  • Learn how to speak to a variety of audiences by using everyday English to discuss scientific topics
  • Express a personal opinion or argument using persuasive, effective language
  • Answer questions about one’s area of interest and practice with confidence



Class Type

Graduate Course