ENGL 365
Better English Communication: Writing and Speaking for Your Audience I

The overall goal of this course is to achieve better results from your writing and speaking by considering the interests and experience of your audience. This is not a course on writing for scientific journals. Rather, we will focus on making scientific language more understandable to the broader scientific community and the general public. In this course, we will examine ways to communicate complex ideas in terms that are appropriate and engaging for the intended audience. This course is designed for native or non-native speakers of English who are interested in improving the effectiveness of their written and spoken communication.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this course you will be able to:
•    Communicate ideas and information that is of interest to your intended audience 
•    Convey the appropriate tone (friendly, collegial, respectful) through your word choice in your written communication 
•    Write clear and concise emails to respond to questions, make a suggestion, or make a request 
•    Summarize a scientific study in easy-to-understand language that can inform and engage a general audience 



Class Type

Graduate Course