ENGL 375
Lunchtime Professional English Series: English for Better Workplace Communication

Adjusting to a new workplace in the United States can be challenging for non-native speakers of English. Even after years of studying English, it can be very difficult to communicate effectively in a professional environment. With coaching and practice in this class, students can gain confidence in their ability to speak and understand English in a variety of settings. This course focuses on strategies for effective communication at meetings, presentations, and even at the cafeteria. Students will learn to focus their presentations on one main idea and speak naturally about their research or other topics in their field. In addition to presentation skills, the course will also teach strategies for leading discussions—raising a topic, giving background information, and asking questions of the group. Leading discussions is an important skill for collaborative work. Overall, students will gain the skills they need to have more fulfilling interactions with their colleagues.


high intermediate to advanced level of proficiency in English.

Learning Objectives:

  • Design and deliver clear and concise presentations to target audience
  • Prepare for and respond to questions about area of interest
  • Lead discussions on area of interest, providing background information and encouraging discussion
  • Agree, disagree, and make suggestions in the course of a conversation
  • Clarify information and ask for clarification to build understanding and make progress toward goals



Class Type

Graduate Course