Letter from the Executive Dean

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to our first online, fully searchable, catalog! We are pleased to offer this upgraded experience as part of our process to provide you fully online access to courses, workshops and registration.

Dr. Lynn Johnson Langer, FAES Executive Dean

Times have changed dramatically since our founding, over sixty years ago. Online access to the many courses we now have available was unimaginable back in 1959, when FAES was established by 11 NIH scientists. What has not changed is our dedication to providing world-class educational opportunities to the scientific community. In 1984, the organization expanded its services with a series of short-term lectures and laboratory hands-on workshops.  This advancement lends itself to well to the online environment. Over the past six decades, NIH has grown beyond the Bethesda Campus, to serve NIH Frederick, Rockledge, and Baltimore as well as the NIH sites in Arizona, North Carolina, and Montana.  And now, with such instantaneous, easy access to top quality educators and trainers, FAES can deliver our resources well beyond the local environment.  Our experienced Teaching and Learning staff began expanding our offerings in Fall, 2019 and by Fall 2021 we are proud to have close to 100 courses available fully online.

This online catalog and our new student information system represents our commitment to continually improve and adapt to serve you with outstanding educational opportunities, whether you are in the Clinical Center at the NIH or teleworking from home. We now have students connecting virtually from around the world.

Today, FAES is expanding our online offerings to over 150 academic credit-bearing courses and more than 40 workshops every year. We are focused on excellence and quality in all our academic programming and we have developed many partnerships with other schools and universities so that many of our courses transfer to master’s degree programs. You can learn about these opportunities inside this catalog.

Additionally, we continue to provide teaching and curriculum development opportunities to help those interested in teaching gain expertise in contemporary evidence-based practices. Our passion for teaching is built into our DNA, and our curriculum and faculty development, along with our instructional design services help ensure our educational programs are rooted in best, evidence-based teaching practices that focus on how adults learn most effectively. As researchers, our students and faculty are data driven, and they expect, and receive the highest standards for teaching and learning. I am proud to be part of this important institution and joined FAES as its Executive Dean after many years in developing academic programs in the biotechnology industry and academia at the Johns Hopkins University. What drew me to FAES was the organization’s passion for delivering highly relevant education in a way that impacts our students’ lives.

FAES also sponsors and runs management and leadership training classes for scientists who want to bridge the gap between the bench/bedside and business or other fields. FAES provides full-service conference management services for members of the NIH community and affiliated organizations whether it is online or onsite. Since our founding, FAES has educated over 100,000 scientists and continues to expand and customize educational opportunities for the community.

I look forward to meeting you, in person or virtually, whether you are a student, potential faculty, seminar participant, partner or colleague. Please contact me with ideas, comments or thoughts.

My door is always open.

Stay well and continue the good work.


Lynn Johnson Langer,  Ph.D., M.B.A.

Executive Dean, Academic Programs
Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences at NIH