PPOL 101
Introduction to National Security in Science and Medicine

Science and medicine are often thought of as life-saving, life-changing, and pillars of which we measure progress. However, we must always keep in mind the darker implications of tomorrow's scientific advancements. In this course you will learn to have a more holistic view of science and medicine by studying these topics through a national security lens. Students will have the opportunity to further their knowledge in the sciences while also learning new skills found in the national security field. Some of the subjects covered include chemical and biological weapons, industrial espionage, and climate change, all presented within a national security theme.

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess red-team analysis techniques and their value to the scientific community.
  • Design a briefing where they critically think about the effects industrial espionage in the sciences has on national security.
  • Recognize the steps necessary to produce an analytical product on the threat of climate change, relative to a country‚Äôs national security.



Class Type

Graduate Course




Fall 2021


Session B