PPOL 102
Introduction to National Security in Health

When it comes to national security, America must be prepared for more than just acts of terrorism, climate change, nuclear proliferation, and the other hot button issues. America’s public health and the health of global citizens is also a pressing concern. In this course, you will learn to have a more holistic view of the health industry by viewing it through a national security lens. Not only will you further your knowledge on health topics but you will gain new skills while working through these issues as a national security analyst. Some of the subjects covered include communicable diseases, the transnational nature of health issues, drug/alcohol abuse, inadequate access to health services, and more; all presented with a national security theme.

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess structured analytical techniques used by the intelligence community and their value to the health field
  • Consider the effect public health has on U.S. national security
  • Design an intelligence product that analyzes a current global health crisis
  • Deliberate on possible solutions to the growing problems facing U.S. public health today



Class Type

Graduate Course