PBHL 540
Qualitative Data in Policy and Program Evaluation

Evaluators are expected to be proficient in the use of both qualitative and quantitative research methods; however, many persons assigned evaluation tasks have no formal training in designing, collecting, analyzing, and reporting qualitative data. Commonly used qualitative methods in program and policy analysis include document reviews, individual and group interviews, and observations. In this introductory course, we will review the collection, analysis, and reporting of qualitative data used in the evaluation of public health policies and programs.


Formal training or on the job training in evaluation and an introductory course or experience in statistics will be helpful.

Learning Objectives:

Students will improve and enhance their skills in the following activities: • Critical appraisal of published evaluation and research articles about public health policies and programs that include qualitative methods; • Design of evaluations to include qualitative methods, including data collection instruments; • Content analysis of qualitative data; • Presentation and reporting of analysis of qualitative data.



Class Type

Graduate Course