PBHL 591
Advanced Seminar in the Evaluation of Research

The public funding of research includes many discrete components: setting research priorities; securing funds; funding research infrastructure; selecting and funding meritorious projects; conducting research; monitoring research progress; communicating research findings; and, training researchers. This survey course is deigned to review theories, methods, and practices in program and policy evaluation as they relate to research, particularly publicly funded biomedical research. The full range of the evaluation hierarchy (needs assessment and program planning, feasibility and implementation evaluation, process evaluation, and outcome and impact evaluation) will be considered as students will be guided to develop a comprehensive framework for the evaluation of federally funded biomedical research.


Graduate-level coursework in program or policy evaluation or considerable work experience in program or policy evaluation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply methods for systematic reviews of literature to a specific body of knowledge
  • Employ methods of data synthesis to develop a comprehensive framework for the evaluation of research
  • Explore the application and utility of the framework in their workplaces



Class Type

Graduate Course