Certificates and Badges

Certificates and Badges

Certificate of Completion

Students who complete the required curriculum in either of the two Advanced Studies programs will earn a certificate of completion. A physical copy of the certificate will be mailed to the student's address at no cost.

The 'Dean's Seal of Excellence' Badge

Students may be eligible for the 'Dean's Seal of Excellence', a digital badge issued by the FAES Academic Programs that signifies successful completion of a specific series of courses and/or outstanding performance during coursework.

The 'Prevailing Science' Badge

To earn the interdisciplinary badge, 'Prevailing Science' students have to successfully complete a minimum of 10 credits by taking designated courses within at least 3 different departments over one academic year. To qualify for the badge, students must receive a B or better in all courses related to the badge.   View the list of courses in the 2020 Fall term that can apply to the Prevailing Science: A Pandemic World badge.