Course Levels and Grading Policy

Course Levels and Grading Policy

The FAES Academic Programs at NIH offers courses at the following levels:

1 to 99       | general adult education (may not be at undergraduate level)

100 to 199 | lower-college level (Freshman/Sophomore)

200 to 299 | upper-college level (Junior/Senior)

300 to 399 | senior and graduate levels

400 to 499 | graduate students and qualified seniors

500 to 600 | graduate and/or professional level

600 to 700 | Board Examination subspecialty courses

FAES Academic Programs at NIH courses are graded as follows:

A+   97-­‐100
A Excellent 94-­‐96
A-   90-­‐93
B+   87-­‐89
B Good 84-­‐86
B-   80-­‐83
C Adequate 70-­‐79
D Minimum Passing 69-­‐60
F Fail 59 and below
I Incomplete*  
AUD Auditor  

*“I” indicates that the required coursework has not been completed. “I” may be changed to another grade if the student provides the instructor with a satisfactory explanation and arranges to complete the work within a reasonable time. As of 7/1/2020, an incomplete (I) received must be resolved by the end of the following semester or grade automatically converts to a failing (F) grade.