Digital Credentials and Certificates

Tech Curiosity Badge (6 credits)Tech Curiosity

The Tech Curiosity badge is a good starting point for students looking to explore the life sciences beyond the laboratory. Students may take any 3 TECH courses of their choosing for a total of 6 credits. Completion of the 7-week courses in this badge will enable a student to confirm their fundamental interest in these areas and serve as a steppingstone for future studies and career development activities. Upon completion of any three TECH courses, students will be issued the TECH CURIOSITY digital badge for use on their resume, online portfolio, website, and social media pages.

Tech Ingenuity Badge (6 credits)Tech Ingenuity

For students contemplating technology transfer office or intellectual property (IP) related careers, the TECH INGENUITY badge is the ideal way to get started. In TECH INGENUITY, students take 3 courses for a total of 6 credits.

  • TECH 513 Introduction to Technology Transfer—Issues and Processes (offered every Fall)
  • TECH 540 Introduction to Life Science Licensing (offered in Summer)
  • TECH 582 Intellectual Property and Patent Prosecution for Scientists (to be developed for 2022 Spring)

Upon completion of this badge, students will be issued the TECH INGENUITY digital badge for use on their resume, online portfolio, website, and social media pages.

Tech Innovator Badge (6 credits)Tech Innovator

For students contemplating work in the business aspects of biomedical operations, the TECH INNOVATOR badge will enable them to understand the role of business in a biomedical operation. In TECH INNOVATOR, students may choose any 3 courses from the list below, for a total of 6 credits, to expand their fundamental understanding, knowledge, and skills in this area.

  • TECH 490 Communication in Biomedical Sciences
  • TECH 491 Market Assessment for Innovative Technologies in Biomedical Sciences
  • TECH 498 Leadership Strategies in Biomedical Sciences
  • TECH 566 Building a Biomedical Company
  • GENL 401 Emotional Intelligence in Biomedical Businesses

Upon completion of this badge, students will be issued the TECH INNOVATOR digital badge for use on their resume, online portfolio, website, and social media pages.

Tech Expert Badge with Dean’s Seal of Excellence (20 credits)Tech Expert

Students who complete 3 badges plus the capstone (TECH 607) for a total of 20 credits will be awarded an additional badge of TECH EXPERT with the Dean’s Seal of Excellence in recognition of their accomplishments in intellectual property, business development, regulatory affairs, and/or technology transfer. Upon completion of these requirements, students will be issued the TECH EXPERT digital badge for use on their resume, online portfolio, website, and social media pages along with the Dean’s Seal of Excellence.


Biomedical Sciences Curiosity Badge (6 credits)Biomedical Science Curiosity

Administrators and others interested in broadening their understanding of the biomedical sciences can earn this badge by taking 6 credits of 100-200 level courses or courses combined with a workshop. This badge would include our Introductory courses in biomedical sciences.

  • 6 credits from three 100-200 level courses in different areas of biomedical science: biology, bioinformatics, immunology, genetics, medicine, microbiology, and psychology.

Advanced Cancer Biology Discovery Badge (6 credits)Advanced Cancer Biology Discovery Badge

Researchers and others who are ready to study cancer-related topics in depth can earn this badge by taking 6 credits of selected courses from our immunology or medicine offerings.

  • 6 credits from any three of the following courses: IMMU403, IMMU418*, IMMU419, MEDI330, MEDI340.
  • May substitute BIOL039 for one of the three courses to be offered in December, 21 *1 credit-course requires addition of BIOL039 or an additional project to be determined.


Bioinformatics Curiosity Badge (6 credits)

Students who complete the following requirements can receive the 'Bioinformatics Curiosity' digital badge to display on their CV and LinkedIn and other social media:


  • 6 credits of bioinformatics (BIOF) study completed in FAES courses and workshops;

  • Up to 2 workshops can count for up to 4 credits of the digital badge (2 credits substituted for each workshop);

  • Students must earn a passing grade in any courses that will be counted toward the digital badge (i.e., either a letter grade of C or above or a “pass” if the course is pass/fail must be earned; audited courses cannot be counted toward the digital badge);

  • Courses and workshops completed since January 2021 can be counted toward the digital badge.

Courses that may count toward the Bioinformatics Curiosity digital badge:

Fall 2021 Courses:

BIOF 101 | Introductory Coding Skills
BIOF 309 | Introduction to Python
BIOF 339 | Practical R
BIOF 395 | Introduction to Text Mining
BIOF 398 | Practical Deep Learning
BIOF 399 | Deep Learning for Healthcare Image Analysis
BIOF 450 | Evolutionary Genomics
BIOF 475 | Introduction to Data Science
BIOF 501 | Introduction to R: Step-by-Step Guide
BIOF 509 | Applied Machine Learning
BIOF 518 | Theoretical and Applied Bioinformatics I
BIOF 519 | Theoretical and Applied Bioinformatics II
BIOF 521 | Bioinformatics for Analysis of Data Generated by Next Generation Sequencing


BIOF 017 | Introductory R Boot Camp
BIOF 018 | Intermediate R Boot Camp
BIOF 019 | Designing Effective Data Visualizations in R
BIOF 020 | Python For Beginners
BIOF 043 | For True BeginRs | Hands-on R Training
BIOF 050 | Introduction to Deep Learning
BIOF 052 | Artificial Intelligence in Your Lab
BIOF 082 | Introduction to Bioinformatics: Theory and Application
BIOF 084 | Pharmacometric Dose-Response Analyses in Clinical Trials Using R
BIOF 085 | Introduction to Data Science Using Python
BIOF 097 | Practical Scientific Statistics
BIOF 098 | Introduction to Statistical Analysis in R


Public Policy Workshops Series Digital Badges

Attendees who complete one the following workshops will receive the corresponding digital badge to display on their digital resume, CV, LinkedIn and other social media. Attendees who successfully complete the complete series will also be awarded the Dean's Seal of Excellence.

PPOL 071 | The Role of the White House, Congress, Federal Agencies, and Judiciary in Science & Technology Policy



PPOL 072 | Public Policy Analysis for Scientists, Engineers, and Health Professionals: A Systematic Process for Analyzing and Developing Policy Options to Respond to Societal Challenges



PPOL 073 | Public Policy Analytical Methods for Scientists, Engineers, and Health Professionals: Understanding and Evaluating Benefit-cost, Cost-effectiveness, and Risk Analysis




PPOL 074 | Program Evaluation for Scientists, Engineers, and Health Professionals



The 'Dean's Seal of Excellence' Badge

Students may be eligible for the 'Dean's Seal of Excellence', a digital badge issued by the FAES Academic Programs that signifies successful completion of a specific series of courses and/or outstanding performance during coursework.

Certificate of Completion

Students who complete the required curriculum in either of the two Advanced Studies programs will earn a certificate of completion. A physical copy of the certificate will be mailed to the student's address at no cost.