TECH 072
Science and Technology Policy Analysis

Researchers are frequently asked to describe the potential societal implications of their research when applying for fellowships, proposing for research funds, or writing a research paper that is the result of that funding.  Yet to write that section, they often need a better understanding of society and public policy, including regulations, which is not always the case.

The workshop will provide an overview of science, technology, and innovation history and policy in the United States with a focus on the National Institutes of Health and how it relates to the expectations that policymakers and the public has of the research community today. Also discussed will be the role that the White House; Congress; federal, state, and local government agencies; foundations; business and industry; and non-governmental organizations play in the implementation of science, technology, and innovation policy.

Students will also learn policy analysis techniques, and then apply those techniques to their own or a colleague’s research activities or one of their own choosing.  They will then learn techniques to communicate the results of that analysis to policymakers and the public. This will prepare students interested in careers in research, government, policy-making, or program management.