TECH 490
Communication in Biomedical Sciences

This course introduces the relevant skills needed for effective oral and written scientific communication in the diverse settings encountered within biomedical vocations. Students will interpret and critically review scientific information, practice oral presentations for defined audiences, and construct effective arguments to inform and/or influence listeners. 

Students will have an opportunity to leverage communication models and learning theories within their practice in order to strengthen their speech and authorship qualities. In this course, special emphasis is placed on field-specific activities performed by biomedical professionals, such as communicating with the public or scientifically untrained audiences and ensuring understanding.

Learning Objectives:

After successful completion of this course, students:

  • Will understand the elements that are important for communicating effectively to mixed audiences in¬†written and oral formats;
  • Will have developed relevant knowledge regarding communication studies theoretical underpinnings pertinent to scientific communication; and
  • Will be able to write persuasive, engaging, and effective scientific information.



Class Type

Graduate Course