TECH 540
Introduction to Life Sciences Licensing Basics: Beyond Technology Transfer

Licensing life science products has become a critical avenue for many established life science companies to fill their pipeline needs for new products. This course is designed to provide functional knowledge of the elements, tools and processes of licensing deals for a variety of life science products. Students will gain an understanding of the” buy” and “sell” side of licensing deals from non-confidential disclosure meetings through financial term sheet considerations. We will also examine the various types of licenses such as business to business, academic to business, as well as the variations of licensing constructs which are most common and “in vogue”. Finally, students will share in analysis of case studies throughout the course and a team project (buy and sell side) as a final project. All designed to enhance students career skills in licensing with immediate applicability. This course is designed for Life Sciences professionals in Tech Transfer, entry level licensing professionals, scientists and professionals engaging in Business Development/Licensing activities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a working knowledge of the elements, tools and processes of life science licensing deals
  • Analyze existing life-science licenses to understand current standards & benchmarks
  • Perform term sheet design for a license of a “real-world” life science product



Class Type

Graduate Course




Summer 2022