TECH 566
Building a Biotech Company: Business Leadership and Management Strategies

This course will take a practical, hands-on approach to studying the strategy and dynamics necessary for the growth of a biotechnology company from a basic research effort located in a research institution to a fully financed, stand-alone business operation prepared to place finished products in the life science marketplace and to generate a financial return for investors. Through a different panel of expert speakers each week—with specific experience in the week’s topic—the discussion will build on the previous weeks’ topics to arrive at a finished construct of a fully operational biotechnology company. There will be an emphasis on interactive discussions between class members and panelists. Panel members will offer first-hand observations, insights, and personal anecdotes concerning their experiences in building different aspects of a life-science company. Discussions will include critical-thinking and management decisions during times of technology challenge, financial adversity, and growth.


basic or advanced knowledge of science; TECH 565 is helpful, but not required.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a working understanding of the structure and management of biomedical business firms
  • Comprehend the critical thinking needed for management decisions during times of financial hardship and growth
  • Be able to effectively interact with biotech stakeholders to discuss issues relating to finance, R&D, marketing, manufacturing, and human resources



Class Type

Graduate Course




Spring 2022


Session B