TECH 567
International Strategic Partnering and Business Development

This course will assess the growing global marketplace for innovative biomedical products and research, particularly in developing countries, with a focus on business plans, market development, venture capital, technology transactions, and relevant international partnerships. Using current examples from the technology portfolio of NIH and other organizations, students will review scientific innovations and determine whether a particular discovery constitutes a realistic business proposal from an international perspective. This course is an elective for Advanced Studies in Technology Transfer.


Basic or advanced knowledge of science; no business credits required.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the growing marketplace for innovative biomedical products and research, particularly as they relate to developing countries
  • Examine approaches taken by different institutions, including the NIH, and new institutional frameworks such as PDPs
  • Assess sources of funding in relation to innovation and the development of biomedical products
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Sample Syllabus


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Graduate Course




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