TECH 572
Marketing Strategies for Scientific Organizations

This course explores the role of marketing in science-based organizations that seek to reach their goals in technology development, product development, public health impact, or other societal needs. The course will start with a clarification of what constitutes marketing by providing the students with the basic concepts, terminology, and practices of marketing.Next, the course will focus on the role of marketing in a research or scientific organization and the specific issues related to marketing technologies. Using a case-study approach, students will be provided with examples of conducting market analyses in the biomedical area. Students will use real-world examples of technologies to create an effective marketing strategy, with details of administering specific marketing programs. Additional topics will include startup marketing, socially responsible marketing, and marketing technologies in international markets, specifically in developing countries.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop expertise in branding products and companies
  • Use market research tools to develop strategies for real technologies
  • Interact with guest lecturers to learn how people get to be marketers
  • Understand the basics of marketing: Product, Price, Promotion, and Place



Class Type

Graduate Course