TECH 582
Intellectual Property and Patent Prosecution for Scientists

This course will provide a general review of the intellectual property (IP) ecosystem and a comprehensive analysis of the patenting process from a business perspective. IP is a currency that connects the global community, and this course explores how patents and other intellectual property spur innovation, new product development, and business growth. The course will also explore how one values and uses a protected technology, covering issues such as the place of technology in the research and development pipeline, and the effects of regulatory compliance. Using an historical approach to account for social, economic, and technological changes, students will gain greater knowledge of the history of the patent system, the evolution of U.S. patent law, the process of obtaining, defending, and attacking patents

Learning Objectives:

  • Distinguish between patents, trademarks and service marks, copyrights, and trade secrets.
  • Compare four primary types of Intellectual Property in supporting business development.
  • Draft the essential parts of a basic patent application based upon the application of core principles of U.S. patent law and practice.
  • Compare U.S. and international patenting processes in the context of movement toward global harmonization.
  • Identify common career positions in the intellectual property field.
  • Apply technical/legal terms in intellectual property related written and oral communications.