TECH 586
International Health Science, Technology, and Innovation

This course provides a comprehensive overview of policy and programmatic issues related to the support of research & development (R&D) and innovation internationally. It addresses U.S. domestic as well as international issues and is concerned with governmental and non-governmental policies related to scientific innovation and making medicines, devices, and other technologies affordable and accessible to Low- and Middle-Income countries in a sustainable way. The course also includes discussion of how R&D-based innovation is now seen as crucial to advancing public health and economic growth and development as well as societal well-being. This course will examine public policy and programs and the role of the U.S. Government, national governments abroad, foundations, universities, industries and international organizations in the R&D health-innovation policy system. Additionally, this course will prepare students who are either currently in the field of or are planning careers in global health, international R&D, and scientific innovation to get involved in policymaking and/or national and international program management.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the importance of R&D and its impact on science, technology, and health systems internationally
  • Understand the NIH model for enhancing public health, R&D, and technology transfer process
  • Discuss case studies related to public health and technology transfer applicable to different countries
  • Share global health R&D activities and programs at NIH, other U.S. government agencies, international organizations, and institutions in different countries



Class Type

Graduate Course